Back Again

I have been away from this blog for some time now. Up to this point, I have only written about my dreams. While these dreams are something I want to focus on, and find very important, I also want to begin covering other subjects. Even daily journals.

Today was productive, another day activally seeking God. Another day pushing past discomforts and forcing my head down in prayer, taking control of myself and being diliberate in my actions. Not making excuses for passivness, or justifying sin. Yesterday I had two major slip ups, of which I went to God in reverence seeking forgiveness. I feel a building up of my person in Christ, I am beginning to see and identify distinct differences between who I am in the flesh, and who I am in God. It is helping me in my struggle against all the things in myself that crave to satisfy the flesh, and in understanding when I need to hit my knees and seek out God for strength. 



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